Online{2022] Best Game Like Among Us {Gratuit}

Best Game Like Among Us. All of the among us games on our list have some aspect of being able to betray the people you are playing with, of taking on different roles, and. In this game, you must deduce when players are lying, and each player is distributed into several different roles or alignments.

The fastest Among Us games ever played. YouTube
The fastest Among Us games ever played. YouTube from

The more exciting thing in this game start’s when someone turns into an alien and doesn’t want any of the spacemen to be saved. Granny’s house (free) subliminal horror is an undeniable part of among us. Werewolf is a classic party game from the 80’s, and one to which games like among us owe for their very existence.

The fastest Among Us games ever played. YouTube

Starting from the same premise as among us, but offering an experience with 3d graphics, in the title 4 to 12 players must find the main “traitor”, which aims to eliminate all players and prevent them from taking flight. This is a great gram that offers different gameplay but the theme is the same as among us. The trouble in terrorist town gamemode in garry’s mod has been the quintessential traitor game since its release all those years ago. There are six players in 1 map;

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