Online{2022] Best Pokemon Team Generation 1-3 {Gratuit}

Best Pokemon Team Generation 1-3. Against a hp 252, def. Aside from tauros, which deserves a spot on any gen 1 team, rhydon provides the benefits of being both a physical wall and an offensive specialist.

Best Gen 1 Pokemon Team Best Blog
Best Gen 1 Pokemon Team Best Blog from

These are only a few. In the original games, toxic and leech seed essentially ran off of the same damage counter, meaning you would restore health from their poison status and increase the toxic damage when either effect activates. With 130 in hp and 110 in special attack, there is no other water pokemon that has better stats than this guy.

Best Gen 1 Pokemon Team Best Blog

However, that doesn't mean there aren't good physical options. God pokemon, creator of everything. Blastoise and lapras are subpar compared to vaporeon. Arcanine has the best stats by far, but he is very difficult to get in good shape.

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