Online{2022] Best Pokemon Uber Team {Gratuit}

Best Pokemon Uber Team. This synergy can be either defensive synergy, offensive synergy or role synergy. Overall, i think itd pretty good but like i said im not the best at ubers (aka im horrible, this is just off ou experience, readin zacian suspect page, and something pokeaim videos lol)

Top 10 Uber pokemon Pokémon Amino
Top 10 Uber pokemon Pokémon Amino from

Sawsbuck decidedly brings physical offense to your sun team, having a fairly decent 100 attack. But if i'm going to use mimikyu i'll put it with phantom force at the place of shadow claw. Even though it's been banned to ubers ever since its release, it could hypothetically be the leader of an incredible rain team there.

Top 10 Uber pokemon Pokémon Amino

This my new team for ubers. Palkia (46.34%), darkrai (37.74%), groudon (31.07%), dialga (30.24%), rayquaza (29.95%) kyogre remains the most commonly used and most threatening pokémon in ubers, always threatening to 2hko the entire metagame with a modest nature and choice specs. This pokemon’s attack and defense make it bulky physically. It can learn powerful moves such as earthquake, mega kick and superpower.

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