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Brawl Stars Wiki Grom. Janet is a chromatic brawler that can be unlocked as a brawl pass reward at tier 30 in season 12: The other is an epic brawler named grom.

Pam Brawl Stars Wiki Fandom
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Grom's main attack and super now takes the same time to land regardless of the distance thrown. We're a community of creatives sharing everything minecraft! He was particularly strong before players got used to his main attack’s pattern.

Pam Brawl Stars Wiki Fandom

Grom is the latest character to join the game following the release of lola at the start of the ongoing season. Bonnie is an epic brawler who has very high health and long range in her cannon form but can attain a different alternate form that can deal very high damage while having low health. In my channel, tap mobgameplay will show you everything in brawl stars game such as all brawl stars animation, brawl stars evolution, brawlers, brawlers pins, brawlers skins, brawl stars news. Grom ejects a watchtower from his grom bomb that gives all allies sight into bushes over a large area.

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