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Does Fortnite Use Aws. I talked to a fortnite developer and he said middle east servers are their high priority at the moment but they are waiting for aws to be built here. They are planning to open their middle east branch in early 2019 and thats when fortnite will have the middle east servers because they use aws for hosting their servers.

Fortnite Last 3 Devpost
Fortnite Last 3 Devpost from

This requires a huge amount of server space. Fortnite runs on top of aws, and so does. I've noticed i'll sometimes land on riots oce ( e.g.

Fortnite Last 3 Devpost

Press enter and this will send 50 packets to the datacenter then provide you with your average latency and packet loss. Click to see full answer. They use a mix of their own infra and aws (for australia anyway). Written by larry dignan, contributing editor.

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