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How Big Is Fortnite File Size. Now that the new update has arrived, however, that. Regarding game consoles, fortnite requires around 22.5.

How many gb is fortnite pc >
How many gb is fortnite pc > from

It said the game was going to be around 48 gb, so i was like wtf. A few hours ago, it was pushed live on consoles and just recently, v19.00 chapter 3 was pushed to pc. Before last night's patch, fortnite would take up around 90gb on your pc's hard drive.

How many gb is fortnite pc >

Reinstalled and it was 100 gb again. The actual size of fortnite 's upcoming v14.40 patch is 27 gb, according to fortnitestatus on twitter, which makes it larger than average, but it will include optimizations to reduce the game's total file size by about 60 gb. It will also allow future patches to be smaller and reduce fortnite 's loading times. This article outlines how much storage space you need on your device to.

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