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How Many Users Play Fortnite. Since its release in 2017, online battle royale game fortnite, developed by epic games, has racked up a staggering 350 million users worldwide as of may 2020. Only epic games truly knows how many people play fortnite in 2021.

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Players from the united states represent the largest chunk of the fortnite player base by nation. The lifetime mobile revenue reached $1.1 billion (yes, just mobile) in 2020. Fortnite seems to make more money, and has more concurrent users than minecraft.but minecraft has a larger total user base, and an enormous number of those who play it on a regular basis, alongside having being able to maintain its.

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The number of fortnite monthly players is a bit over 80.4 million, with up to 4 million daily active users. According to statista, epic games was able to reach as many as 350 million fortnite players in may 2020, which was a massive feat for the gaming company. (cultured vultures, 2021) 2.5 million or 10% of dau played exclusively on ios devices. Statista, a german company specializing in market and consumer data, reported that fortnite had over 350 million registered users in may 2020.

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