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Is Fortnite Ok For A 11 Year Old. Years ago my 14 year old was on it and we always were very strict about how much time they spent on ps4. Instead of “killed” fortnite uses the word “eliminate”, get’s kids thinking about strategies to win, inspires teamwork, creativity and other things.

Is Fortnite Ok For 12 Year Olds V Bucks
Is Fortnite Ok For 12 Year Olds V Bucks from

Supporting the fact that fortnite is a game that is okay for children to play. But you know your daughter better than anyone here obviously, so make the decision you feel appropriate for your daughter/family and don't get too caught up in the whole all the other kids are playing sort of thing if you really feel like it's not going to be a. It has reached a player number of 125 million people.

Is Fortnite Ok For 12 Year Olds V Bucks

Will playing fortnite make my child violent or more aggressive? Although it is meant for children 13 years old and up (teenagers), their actual audience ended up including younger children as well. The truth, which makes it difficult to put an age on when it's okay for kids to play fortnite, is that psychologists don't really know. Despite what some politicians might have you believe, multiple studies—including one last fall from the netherlands that followed almost 200 kids who were exposed to a violent game at age nine, then tracked their behaviour—suggest that violent video games do not increase.

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