Online{2022] Mewtwo Best Counters {Gratuit}

Mewtwo Best Counters. Our pokémon go mewtwo raid guide lists the best moveset, counters, and weaknesses for one of the strongest attackers in pokémon go. Your tail attacks now extend your hitbox considerably, and mewtwo has a harder time reaching the ground.

Top 10 Mewtwo Counters TheSilphRoad
Top 10 Mewtwo Counters TheSilphRoad from

Mewtwo also benefits from a windy weather buff which will significantly increase its cp, so keep that in mind. Grab one or two if they’re in raids. The best way to counter mega mewtwo y is to use sucker punch which will likely ko it due to its bad defence.

Top 10 Mewtwo Counters TheSilphRoad

Best armored mewtwo counters are darkrai, giratina origin, hydreigon, chandalure, gengar, tyranitar, and mewtwo. Shadow claw and shadow ball mega gengar; This move combination has the highest total dps and is also the best moveset for pvp battles. What are pokémon go mewtwo’s moves?

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