Online{2022] Pokemon Go Element Cup {Gratuit}

Pokemon Go Element Cup. The new special cup for pokemon go's competitive battle league has finally come to the game. Here are the best pokémon to use in pokémon go ‘s element cup.

Element CUP Pokemon GO
Element CUP Pokemon GO from

Sir_gwibbles may 28, 2021, 6:44pm #1. The element cup tier list. It first appeared early last year, and it’s now back for everyone to take part again.

Element CUP Pokemon GO

Ferroseed is the only steel in element cup and plays like it by running all steel moves. It’s dubbed the element cup, and it’ll force gamers to completely overhaul their “best” pokemon team due to a set of very specific limitations. This team is amazing for quick wins in the element cup!#gobattle. The reason pokemon go’s element cup is so fascinating is because it eschews what’s usually popular for a whole new, unexplored, and extremely tactical format.

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