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Pokemon Serena Age. She is a trainer from the kalos region in japan. Serena has honey colored hair and blue eyes.

My Opinions on Serena (Game vs Anime) Pokémon Amino
My Opinions on Serena (Game vs Anime) Pokémon Amino from

She is voiced by mayuki makiguchi in the japanese version, and haven paschall in the english version of the anime. She wears a black sleeveless shirt with a white collar, she wears a red skirt, with black thigh socks with black shoes with a pink pokéball symbol on them, she also wears a pink hat with a black stripe on it and a black bow. The version of her from the games didn't set out on her journey until she was 16 years old.

My Opinions on Serena (Game vs Anime) Pokémon Amino

Serena (セレナ) is a pokémon trainer in the pokémon x and y games. From leaving home very young, to possibly having a romance with ash, serena's life and time of the show has been full of adventures, and not the kind that. Serena is a character who goes through quite a bit of transformation through her time on the pokémon television show, and actually follows a path that is quite unusual for ash's compatriots. Serena must not have gotten that memo, though;

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