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Rising Action Literary Definition. The inciting incident, when something kicks off the adventures. It doesn't matter what the.

Short Story Literary Terms & Definitions 2011
Short Story Literary Terms & Definitions 2011 from

Here’s a quick and simple definition: Rising action is everything in a story that occurs after the inciting incident but before the climax, forming the bulk of the narrative. “all great literature is one of two stories;

Short Story Literary Terms & Definitions 2011

Rising action is one element in your narrative arc, or story arc. Because of the increased tension as a book's central conflict (or conflicts) become clear, the rising action is often what keeps you turning the pages. Rising action means that the challenges faced by your protagonist begin by being fairly easy to overcome, but as the story progresses, those challenges escalate and become more dramatic, and more difficult and taxing for her. The rising action is a part of the six elements of the plot of a story, and is meant to move the story forward to the climax.

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