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What Ev Do Pokemon Give. Generally, 1st stage pokémon award 1 ev, 2nd stage pokémon award 2 evs and 3rd stage pokémon award 3 evs. However, each of the six stats can only get a maximum of 252 points through evs.

[OC meme] Cursed evolution line pokemon
[OC meme] Cursed evolution line pokemon from

Each wild pokémon, when defeated, yields between 1 and 3 effort values, which can be distributed in any way among the 6 stats and is inherent to the species. Very few pokemon give ev points in two stats (e.g. And a pokémon can gain a total of 510 evs.

[OC meme] Cursed evolution line pokemon

Vitamins will give your pokémon 10 ev points in a particular stat. 298 rows below is a list of all the pokémon that yield effort points (evs) in attack. Once you have encountered a ditto switch to the pokemon who yields 3 evs, let ditto transform into that pokemon, and then ko the ditto with the pokemon you're ev training. 1 ev + pokerus = 2 evs;

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