Online{2022] What Is A Shadow Bonus In Pokemon Go {Gratuit}

What Is A Shadow Bonus In Pokemon Go. Shadow pokémon cannot be traded. Since niantic keeps updating shadow pokemons, chances are that you might get some new pokemons in this category ahead.

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The attack power of a shadow pokemon is boosted by 1.2x or 20%, making its fast attack hit significantly harder. You need to know your pokemon's exact level. 20% attack boost and defense reduction.

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A pokémon's minimum level is 1. The upsides to keeping a shadow pokemon in pokemon go are: When you go to catch your first shadow pokémon, you may only get 4 or 5 premiere balls to do the job. Purifying a shadow pokémon will improve their appraisal and reduce the amount of stardust and candy required for them to power up, evolve, or learn a new attack.

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