Online{2022] What Was The First Ever Fortnite Event {Gratuit}

What Was The First Ever Fortnite Event. The first live event that players decided the outcome of took place this season, the unvaulting event. What was the first ltm is fortnite?

First Fortnite Event YouTube
First Fortnite Event YouTube from

Epic games promised big things with fortnite's first year of official competition, investing $100 million in prize money alone. “on february 2nd, fortnite had its best event day ever with 10.7 million players showing up for the marshmello concert. Below, you'll get the rundown of the entire fortnite timeline, describing the events that took place and what they did to the game's world.

First Fortnite Event YouTube

In season 9, the theme revolved around the future, with the description the future is yours. The first live event, fortnite's rocket launch, set things in motion. It's hard not to respect the 'rocket launch' for being the first to start an amazing trend that every fan looks forward to each season. The event started when players began seeing a small comet in the sky that kept getting larger by the day.

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